Tizi started with a bakery, and now become one of the famous restaurants in Bandung. Prepare to face their secret weapon, the “black sauce”.


Bandung, May 26th 2017

In 1976, Tizi was born in Hegarmanah, Bandung. They were only a bakery back then. Tizi is an abbreviation from “Roti Bergizi” in Indonesian, which means “nutritious bread”. In 1983, they moved to Dago, Bandung and transformed themselves into a restaurant.

The view when you enter Tizi

The employee mentioned that Tizi applies German concept for their restaurant menu and bakery. However, their menu only consists of a few German cuisine. They also have pasta, fried rice, etc. One of the German cuisine that I have tried before is their bratwurst. Their choice of pastry is “more German” because they name them in German..

Pastry section near the entrance
What should i try..?

The pastry section is near the entrance, but not really visible. If you do not look around, perhaps you will miss it. Each pastry has a good appearance and evokes appetite, but the overall display presentation is not eye-catching. Probably because of the arrangement. The lighting need changing too.

A sight not far from the entrance

At the first glance, we may see Tizi as an old-fashioned restaurant. The table cloth looks like the one from grandma house. Wooden pillars, dim lighting, rattan chair, all of them make a classic theme. There is an indoor garden in the center. It provides us with sunlight, fresh air, and refreshing view.

First bite at Tizi

This is the chosen one!

I chose apfel kuchen or apple cake (apple pie). It has 3 layers. The top layer is a thin caramelized sugar icing, followed by apple paste filling between cake layer.

The cake layer tasted like a pie. I am not sure whether this is a cake or a pie though. It had a pie-like texture. It crumbled apart when I bit it. The sweetness is just right. We can taste and smell cinnamon mix in the apple paste. Nice texture combination from the layers.

Asparagus cream soup

I ordered asparagus soup as the starter. The texture is just right, not too creamy. It is well seasoned, mainly tasted savory, followed by salty and a bit sweet taste. This is a nice, light, and appetizing dish.

T-bone Steak
Tenderloin Steak

Yesss, this is it. The famous black sauce. Tizi’s black sauce will accompany any meat dish we order. I tried T-bone with baked potato and tenderloin steak with french fries.

It was obvious, I wanted to taste the sauce first. Their secret weapon. In my mouth. Now.


The sauce is really a secret weapon. It was unidentified. Mysterious. Confusing. Conquered my palate.

It is hard to describe. It was a BBQ sauce ala Tizi. The savory and sweet taste was strong. There was also a slight of sourness. I really could not break down the sauce taste. More even the color. The dark color of the sauce, where is it from? Hmm. Soy sauce? Chocolate? No, I don’t think so. What, squid ink or charcoal? My mind has gone stray too far.

Anyway, the sauce taste is nice and unique. In spite of the sweetness, the sauce paired really well with the steak.

The steak was nicely cooked. Tender and juicy. They also did not forget to season the vegetables nicely. The potato tasted like potato (hehe..).

Calming ambience

It is always nice to taste uniqueness

Tizi is a nice place to eat pastry while enjoying your afternoon, to have dinner with your loved one or business partner, and of course to enjoy their steak with their black sauce.

The ambience here is almost always quiet and calming. Adequate lighting and outdoor smell is refreshing. The service is great. Waiter in every corner who always ready to take your order.

I will miss their uniqueness, their secret weapon, their black steak sauce.

  • Rp 16.000 for apfel kuchen
  • Rp 29.000 for asparagus soup
  • Rp 99.000 for T-bone steak
  • Rp 97.000 for tenderloin steak

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